Monday, June 4, 2012

January 2012 & Chinese New Year 2012 - in JAPAN!

Hi, and yes, I really wanted to write about this month. This month was special for me, as I celebrated my grandpa's birthday for the first time, and I have taken the first trip of my life!

Well first of all, my grandpa's birthday! We went to eat Japanese food for his birthday! We also had cake, I cut the cake w/ grandpa too! See!
After that we took a family photo!
 And I gave my grandpa his birthday present!

Then, a week after that, I went on the first trip of my life. I traveled to Tokyo along w/ my parents to visit my grandma! And see?? I'm ready to go! (Thanks to me, my parents got to get in the plane before anyone else!)

It was my first time on the plane, everything was so new, I was excited and happy!

 I saw so many relatives and new family friends after I arrived in Japan, but most importantly I spent a lot of time w/ my Grandma, Auntie Ai, & Uncle Takeshi!  Also I saw the following!!

 Car seat for the first time!! I need to get used to it!
 the second day I got here, it snowed very heavily, I almost couldn't go home!
 Do I look like her?
Does my dad look like "him"??
 We took a lot of trains while we were in Japan, here's me and daddy in one of them.

That wasn't what I wanted ... I need MILK!

But afterall, I had a great time in Japan,  I was happy and tired!!

X'mas, Rest of 2011, and New Year 2012 Jan~

Hello All, Truly long, long, long time no see! So let's see where to start......

So last time we were close to Thanksgiving in the US. This time, let's see what I did before X'mas!

First of course my three mo. birthday! though I am four month's old now (and just passed my 9th monthly birthday of the year) I want to show you the cake I had, (and my parents, and their parents & family ate).

After that, I went out to see quite a lot of friends and family, but mostly I spent my time w/ my grand parents of course!

Fast forward to couple days before the big holiday (or so they told me), I met this other baby named Ryan and we had a picture together. I also took a lot of photos with other uncles & aunties in daddy's office as well.
Grandma, Auntie Karen, Ryan & I
Mummy, Auntie Angela, & I
 Not to mention that I got another photo with Jason & Auntie Olivia!

Oooooo that was a lot of people! It was fun to have met all these people! That was how I spent my first X'mas holidays!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Interactions - Nov 2011

I am now two months old! Well almost three months old!

Since my two month old birthday, I would like to go see the world, a lot! (Well at least once a week) and I met a lot of people in the progress:

Of course I always get to see my grandma and grandpa - they come to visit us, as well as going out to have dinner with us!

Or we go visit them at their house, and of course, that's when I watch my parents *nom nom nom*

Talking of *nom nom nom*, my parents introduced me to Uncle Gary the other day, he is one of my dad's best friends back in Elementary school:

Here is with Auntie Elle as well, we had some good burgers that night~! 

And my daddy knows how to hold me so that I can see everything that's going on out there too !!

I had my first steak house experience already! For my dad's birthday we went to this steak house called Ruth Chris, and we had some good food and a lot of fun gathering!

Here's Uncle Sam holding me for the first time, he actually never held a baby before. I was comfortable enough that I didn't complain! Thank you Uncle Sam!

They are our helpers are home, Auntie Emelene and Auntie Joy, they like to hold me and play with me! And you can see Auntie Emelene making sure that I see everything going on in the room!

And this is our family! Thank you everyone (esp. Uncle Ken, thank you for rushing here from work) for having such a great time with us!

Monday, November 21, 2011

2 Months Birthday!

Going to do a lot of catch up here now! First off, would you like to see some photos of my two month birthday party????

This was me changed into nice clothes on my bouncer having fun and having a guard (one of our dogs Pudding) guarding me as well!

Grandma and grandpa came before dinner and we had a fun time talking to each other (They really like to talk to me!) before we had our celebration!

and here was the birthday cake. I couldn't eat it but it looked so yummy!! Someone (think Grandma) suggested that we have a birthday celebration every month. I Will be Happy!!!

Our two Aunties Emelene & Joy with our two dogs Pudding & Milky, Mummy, Grandpa & Grandma

Grandpa & Grandma & Uncle Sam

Grandpa & Grandma with me cutting the cake!

 Daddy & Uncle Sam w/ me!

I am getting all the attention! Happy Birthday to me! Three months birthday coming soon!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

4th week of October - My adventures

Hello !!!! first off, haven't been able to update, sorry! Daddy had been on trips away from home! Actually he just came back from Cambodia and got me this!

I can't use it yet ... but it's good to know that my parents think I'm growing fast too !!!

Between last time I wrote here and now, my parents did bring me out to see the (busy) world. These are a few of them ......
This is the lobby of the nice, nice Four Seasons hotel. We were meeting with Aunties Maggie and Rhoda, they came to enjoy the food as well as had fun playing w/ me and seeing me sleeping. (Like this!)

The weekend after, we went to my uncle Tom's graduation ceremony! It was in Tuen Mun, so I have already been to a lot of places in Hong Kong, and I went to a graduation already! We were outside most of the time that day and here's me staring into the sky:

And obivously Grandma didn't want to let me go even when she was taking photos.

But that seemed to make Uncle Tom super happy =D

Of course I didn't only go to see people graduate or meet people to see them eat. I went shopping too!!

Wish I can tell my parents that I want ALL OF THESE in the future! Well that's for the future! For now I have to prepare to get my first vaccination out of the hospital in several days, wish me luck!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

October - First Week - I got an Identity!

Happy October! As you may know, I am already one month old, but I actually still haven't had an official identity a.k.a birth certificate! Why? You may ask .... well I only knew my name was Sara, apparently I am 1/2 Chinese & 1/2 Japanese, and I need a Chinese name; and getting Chinese names can be a bit .... complicated. My parents decided to get everything, including my Chinese name, set before they would go to settle it w/ the Government.

Well my parents (finally) thought that using 頌恩 (JUNG YAN) - meaning praise & appreciation - would be the best. I think that will be a nice Chinese name for me too!!! So my name is now 周頌恩, Sara Jung Yan Chow; and I have official recognition from the Government too!

Of course I didn't have to go there myself, my dad went there earlier in the morning to get that for me. He told me it was so smooth & quick that he wouldn't believe it REALLY only took an hour for him to park, get in, process, get certificate, get out, and almost made it back to office himself. What was I doing? Well, here you go:

When I am not sleeping, I am posing for more photos, so you can enjoy more!