Tuesday, November 1, 2011

4th week of October - My adventures

Hello !!!! first off, haven't been able to update, sorry! Daddy had been on trips away from home! Actually he just came back from Cambodia and got me this!

I can't use it yet ... but it's good to know that my parents think I'm growing fast too !!!

Between last time I wrote here and now, my parents did bring me out to see the (busy) world. These are a few of them ......
This is the lobby of the nice, nice Four Seasons hotel. We were meeting with Aunties Maggie and Rhoda, they came to enjoy the food as well as had fun playing w/ me and seeing me sleeping. (Like this!)

The weekend after, we went to my uncle Tom's graduation ceremony! It was in Tuen Mun, so I have already been to a lot of places in Hong Kong, and I went to a graduation already! We were outside most of the time that day and here's me staring into the sky:

And obivously Grandma didn't want to let me go even when she was taking photos.

But that seemed to make Uncle Tom super happy =D

Of course I didn't only go to see people graduate or meet people to see them eat. I went shopping too!!

Wish I can tell my parents that I want ALL OF THESE in the future! Well that's for the future! For now I have to prepare to get my first vaccination out of the hospital in several days, wish me luck!

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