Sunday, October 9, 2011

October - First Week - I got an Identity!

Happy October! As you may know, I am already one month old, but I actually still haven't had an official identity a.k.a birth certificate! Why? You may ask .... well I only knew my name was Sara, apparently I am 1/2 Chinese & 1/2 Japanese, and I need a Chinese name; and getting Chinese names can be a bit .... complicated. My parents decided to get everything, including my Chinese name, set before they would go to settle it w/ the Government.

Well my parents (finally) thought that using 頌恩 (JUNG YAN) - meaning praise & appreciation - would be the best. I think that will be a nice Chinese name for me too!!! So my name is now 周頌恩, Sara Jung Yan Chow; and I have official recognition from the Government too!

Of course I didn't have to go there myself, my dad went there earlier in the morning to get that for me. He told me it was so smooth & quick that he wouldn't believe it REALLY only took an hour for him to park, get in, process, get certificate, get out, and almost made it back to office himself. What was I doing? Well, here you go:

When I am not sleeping, I am posing for more photos, so you can enjoy more!

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