Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Interactions - Nov 2011

I am now two months old! Well almost three months old!

Since my two month old birthday, I would like to go see the world, a lot! (Well at least once a week) and I met a lot of people in the progress:

Of course I always get to see my grandma and grandpa - they come to visit us, as well as going out to have dinner with us!

Or we go visit them at their house, and of course, that's when I watch my parents *nom nom nom*

Talking of *nom nom nom*, my parents introduced me to Uncle Gary the other day, he is one of my dad's best friends back in Elementary school:

Here is with Auntie Elle as well, we had some good burgers that night~! 

And my daddy knows how to hold me so that I can see everything that's going on out there too !!

I had my first steak house experience already! For my dad's birthday we went to this steak house called Ruth Chris, and we had some good food and a lot of fun gathering!

Here's Uncle Sam holding me for the first time, he actually never held a baby before. I was comfortable enough that I didn't complain! Thank you Uncle Sam!

They are our helpers are home, Auntie Emelene and Auntie Joy, they like to hold me and play with me! And you can see Auntie Emelene making sure that I see everything going on in the room!

And this is our family! Thank you everyone (esp. Uncle Ken, thank you for rushing here from work) for having such a great time with us!


  1. Hi Sara!! You are so pretty!! I'm glad you're enjoying the world and growing up so quick. One of these days, you can meet your Uncle Mike and your cousin, Alyssa. She would love seeing you.

  2. Hello my dear Sara. Happy to see you are growing fast and healthy. Aunt Terry is looking forward to seeing you soon.

  3. Hi Sara! You are adorable! Elliot hopes to meet you soon!