Sunday, October 9, 2011

October - First Week - I got an Identity!

Happy October! As you may know, I am already one month old, but I actually still haven't had an official identity a.k.a birth certificate! Why? You may ask .... well I only knew my name was Sara, apparently I am 1/2 Chinese & 1/2 Japanese, and I need a Chinese name; and getting Chinese names can be a bit .... complicated. My parents decided to get everything, including my Chinese name, set before they would go to settle it w/ the Government.

Well my parents (finally) thought that using 頌恩 (JUNG YAN) - meaning praise & appreciation - would be the best. I think that will be a nice Chinese name for me too!!! So my name is now 周頌恩, Sara Jung Yan Chow; and I have official recognition from the Government too!

Of course I didn't have to go there myself, my dad went there earlier in the morning to get that for me. He told me it was so smooth & quick that he wouldn't believe it REALLY only took an hour for him to park, get in, process, get certificate, get out, and almost made it back to office himself. What was I doing? Well, here you go:

When I am not sleeping, I am posing for more photos, so you can enjoy more!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

One Month Birthday!

Time sure flies by so quick. It is already now my one month birthday! It apparently is REALLY, REALLY important that I celebrate the first month birthday, and do so in a big way! So we ended up having a nice party for me at the restaurant!

My grandma is so happy! She was all over the place that night! 

A lot of people said congratulations to her, my grandpa, my parents, uncles ....... i feel so happy that so many people are happy that I am growing!

This is Uncle Gary, he's one of my daddy's best friend, and you can tell that I am very comfy in his arms. A lot more people get to hold me that night, and they look at me very happily because I was a good girl(?)

Daddy didn't really like how some of the photos came out, so he's fixing them at his free time. Seems like it was very complex but well I don't care as long as I look good in the pictures and sure I did ^o^

They call this dessert wine and they used it to celebrate my birthday! When daddy opened the wine, the cork flew to the ceiling and the reflection hit someone! Ouch! hopefully the person is okay ...... daddy said he felt a little drunk after drinking a little bit but I think he was drunk to begin with!

I am so lucky I got so many gifts!!!!I should show you what they are when I have the chance!

Now I need to sleep - like this photo said - SEE YA!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

First Post - Hello World! - HOME

Greetings!! Nice to meet you all here, hope you are having a good time looking around and seeing how I grow. (Well as the title of this blog, I DO have a lot of growing to do)

So let's go back to the very beginning, I think I heard my parents said something like "She was born on September 2, 2011 at 11:47PM". So I learned that 1.) My name is Sara, 2.) I was born on September 2, and I almost came to the world on the next day!!!! (Although I really don't know what the difference will be other than I celebrate my birthdays one day later) I weighted 7 lbs 13 oz, a rather big size for someone who came out of their mum's tummy naturally. (Now I weight a little bit more than that, how much? that's a secret - for now. hahahah -ok just kidding, my mum just weighted me at home, and i should come up to about 4 kg, makes it heavier but that means I'm healthy & eating (a lot)!)

So my time inside the hospital was entirely on this bed with other babies with their own beds. There were two ways my parents can see me: 1. When my mum feeds me(or practice feeding me) with breast milk, and 2. my daddy came to see me at certain times. (Mostly in the afternoon only) This was the first photo daddy took when he and some friends and colleagues from the office came to visit us! I didn't know there were so many people who came to see me since you can see I was sleeping very well! As I get used to this place and my mummy had recovered, we are ready to go home! Thank you mum, it must been very hard work for you!

My grandfather drove us home and it was a smooth ride! I was sleeping so well until we got home! After we got home, we settled down with my new bed, and then...... more sleeping!! Life is just so good now that i do some kung fu fighting in my sleep!!! =D